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The national team of the Belgian air force, the Red Devils, will participate with their four SIAI Marchetti SF-260, which are used for elementary flight training at Beauvechain. The SF-260 is a training aircraft designed and built in Italy and which has been in service with the Belgian air force since 1969. The Red Devils will fly an elegant aerial ballet, combining precise formations with synchro manoeuvres.

All pilots in the team are flight-instructors and combine their team duties with their regular squadron assignments. They carry on the proud tradition of the Red Devils display teams of the past flying Hawker Hunter and Fouga Magister. You can admire their aircraft in the air and on the ground in the static display.
2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the Belgian air force Red Devils, so celebrate this with the pilots at the 40th International Sanicole Airshow.

Manufacturer: Finmeccanica
Country: Belgium


Tags: Red Devils

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