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During the 1930s and at the start of World War 2, most pilot training occurred on biplanes, like for instance the Boeing Stearman. With the rapid transition to monoplane combat aircraft that had far superior performance, airforces needed training aircraft that could mimic the flight characteristics of the aircraft pilots would fly later on in their careers.

One of the best known training aircraft of this type was the T-6, known as the Texan in US service but as the Harvard in most other countries. The aircraft became the most important training aircraft in the west and stayed in service well after the end of the Second World War, also in Belgium and The Netherlands. The T-6 has a particular sound that is caused by the engine: the propeller spins around at such a high speed that the tips actually break the sound barrier, creating a high rasping noise.
The T-6 at Sanicole will be part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the United States Air Force. It belongs to Hanno Wesdorp and comes from Hilversum in The Netherlands.

AT-6 Texan
Manufacturer: North-American
Country: The Netherlands


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