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The German airforce will send its heavy transport helicopter to take part in the static display of the 40th anniversary International Sanicole Airshow. The first CH-53 was delivered to the German armed forces in 1971. In total, 110 CH-53 were delivered. To keep them operational, several upgrades were performed over the years.

40 of these giant machines have been brought to the latest CH-53GA standard, which includes state-of-the-art avionics. The helicopter has a maximum speed of 215 kilometers per hour and can carry 5 tons internally or 7.5 tons as an underslung load. As a troop transporter, it can carry up to 36 fully armed combat troops. All German air force CH-53Gas are part of the 64 Airtransport Group at Holzdorf, about half way between Berlin and the Czech Republic.

Manufacturer: Sikorsky
Country: Germany


Tags: Sikorsky

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