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It’s impossible to imagine the 40th anniversary airshow without the Royal Jordanian Falcons, the national display team of the Kingdom of Jordan. The team even had its European home at SAnicole for several years ! The pilots are drawn from the Royal Jordanian air force while the aircraft are part of the Royal Jordanian Airlines.

They are ambassadors and fly since 1976 by royal decree of the late King Hussein Bin Talal and are therefore celebrating their 40th anniversary this year promoting their country. This team performs its demonstration which consists of precise formations, breathtaking crossings and spectacular aerobatics. They fly the Extra 300L, a German aircraft designed for unlimited aerobatics. It is a great pleasure to welcome the team at the International Sanicole Airshow again.

Type: Extra 300L
Manufacturer: Extra Flugzeugbau
Country: Jordan

Tags: Jordanian

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