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The record holder for number of flying demonstrations at the International Sanicole Airshow must be Jacques Bothelin, leader of the Breitling Jet Team, and previously among others the Martine team, Ecco and Adecco Team and Team Apache. Under no circumstances should he be absent for the 40th anniversary show with his current team, the Breitling Jet Team, the largest civilian jet team in the world.

This team flies six L-39 Albatross of Czech origin. This was the most common jet trainer in the former Warsaw Pact and is still heavily used in many countries across the world. The team is based in the south of France at Dijon. It performed at several International Sanicole Airshows in the past but has been absent from the European skies for two years due to a promotional tour across North America for their main sponsor, Swiss precision chronographer Breitling. Jacques is the only civilian pilot in the team, the other team members are former members of the French air force, several among them with the Patrouille de France.
Breitling Jet Team flies a demonstration lasting just over 20 minutes with non-stop action for the audience. Tight formations, breathtaking cross-overs and solo manoeuvres showcasing the L-39’s agility follow each other in quick succession. One of the highlights of the demonstration is the Apache roll, with one aircraft barrel-rolling around the formation, a figure invented by Jacques Bothelin and which has been copied by many other teams. In 2017, the team celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Don’t miss the return of this legendary civilian team to Sanicole!

L-39 Albatross
Manufacturer: Aero
Country: France

Demonstration team

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