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Louis Blériot was the first airplane designer in Europe. He designed the Blériot XI and became the first person to cross the English channel on 25 July 1909 with his Blériot XI. 

The Blériot is credited with a few other first as well: first aircraft to cross the Alps, the first aircraft to perform a looping and the first aircraft in military service. In military service, they were operated mainly as observation aircraft and as trainers. It is also in these roles that the type served during the First World War.
The success of the aircraft was such that it was produced under licence in several countries, including Sweden. There, the aircraft was known as the Thulin A. It is this type that Mikael Karlson from Sweden will present during the International Sanicole Airshow 2017. His aircraft was built in 1918 and magnificently restored by Mikael with an original Gnome Omega rotary engine. Aviation history doesn’t get much older than this!

Blériot XI
Manufacturer: Louis Blériot
Country: Sweden 

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