September 10 & 11 2022

2021 Covid Info

Access restrictions Sanicole Airshow – Covid Safe Ticket
The Sanicole Airshow applies the Covid Safe Ticket principle of the Belgian Government. This means that every visitor as from the age of 12 must meet one of the 4 requirements below in addition to a valid entry ticket:

  • Or you have a vaccination certificate: you are completely vaccinated at least two weeks;
  • Or you had a PCR-test with a negative result: validity = day of testing +48 hours;
  • Or you had an antigen test by medical personnel with a negative rsult: validity = day of testing +24 hours;
  • Or you have a Covid recovery certificate which is not older than 6 months.

The Covid Safe Ticket is a principle to prove that you meet on of the above requirements and not a physical ticket.

Check for the Covid Safe Ticket
Upon arrival at the event you will first be directed to a Covid Safe Ticket checkpoint, where your certificate (QR code) will be scanned for validity and checked on the basis of an ID proof (ID card, passport, driver’s license).

For the Belgian visitors: Install the Covid Save Be App on your smartphone, in which your certificates can be scanned. Make sure this is installed before you come to the event. People who do not have a smartphone or who experience any problems with the installation of the App can also obtain this certificate via mijngezondheid.be or My Citizen Profile. If you do not have access to the internet at all, you can also request your vaccination certificate by telephone via the number 078 78 78 50 and this will be sent by the government by post.

For visitors from abroad: They do not have access to the above apps, because this only applies to Belgian residents. Every other resident of the EU (& United Kingdom & Switzerland) must show his or her digital vaccination certificate from his or her national app at the checkpoint and this can be scanned by us. So the app of your own country in which your vaccination or test certificate is contained can be validated by us. Please note, with many national apps you have to select at start-up whether you want to show a national or international certificate, this must of course be the international certificate.

Set-up of the showground
The showground will be divided into 5 large public sections this year. This is to achieve a maximum proportional distribution of the audience on the site. There is a free choice of courses, so no prior assignment.

Each visitor can go to the public compartment of choice upon arrival on site and at the entrance of the compartment you will receive a wristband that gives you access to this specific course.
Each compartment has a maximum of 1,500 people and therefore has 1,500 wristbands that can be distributed. There is a free choice, as long as the maximum capacity of the compartment has not been reached.

Within the public compartment you can move freely, sit, stand as it always was at our air show. So there are no fixed seats. (unless you have a Friends of Sanicole, Business or VIP ticket) Also new is that the sanitary and catering facilities will be provided in each of the different public compartments, so each compartment has its dedicated toilets and beverage and food stands.

Division into compartments obviously does not mean that you are locked in there for the entire show, certainly not! You can visit the different market zones (trade stands), the static and the kids zone via our pedestrian boulevard from your compartment. However, if you want to watch the show quietly, you have to do this in the chosen box. Once a compartment is chosen, that is your compartment for the day and you do not have access to the other compartments. The facilities in each box are identical.

Mouth mask obligation – Covid Safe Ticket
Since we work under the Covid Safe Ticket, there are no obligations for wearing a mouth mask during our event. However, we do advise you without obligation to wear a mouth mask in areas where it would be very busy and in the queues for our checkpoints.