September 10,11,12 2021

2021 FAQ

  • Can I take my dog to the air show?
    No, dogs are not allowed on the showground.
  • Can I set up a tent on the showground?
    On the day of the air show, you can set up a tent to cover for the sun, but camping is not allowed.
  • Can I, as a disabled person, visit the air show too?
    Of course. We provide separate parking close to the entrance of the showground, just follow the road signs. Show your disability card and access will be granted. On the property, there will be accessible toilets for wheelchair users.
  • Can I park my motorcycle?
    Yes, there is a separate parking space for motorcycles. Just follow the road signs. The parking space is within walking distance of the show ground. You can also hop onto a shuttle bus that goes to the local railway station.
  • How much do I pay for parking?
    Nothing at all. For our 2021 event due to the limited number of visitors per event day, our parkings will be centralized at walking distance from the entrance, so we will not use shuttle busses this year. As a consequence, the parking will be free at charge.

  • Which GPS coordinates to enter in my GPS-device ?
    We recommend to use WAZE (navigition app). Within WAZE, you will find your parking by using the search function in WAZE with parameter ‘Sanicole Airshow 2021’ and the required parking as given on your ticket.
  • Where can I buy a ticket?
    You can buy a ticket in presale which will be online soon. Would you like to order a special ticket such as a VIP package or a Business ticket? Then you can only do so in advance.
    You can also buy general admission tickets on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at the box office, unless they are sold out in advance.
  • How much does a presale ticket cost?
    Click here for all ticketing info (online soon)
    For the prices of special packages we would like to refer you to the detailed pages: check overview page (online soon)
  • VIP ticket (presale only)
  • Business ticket (presale only)
  • ‘Friends of Sanicole’-ticket  
  • Combi ticket

  • How much does a ticket cost at the entrance booth?
    General admission tickets can bought at the box office on the day of the event, unless they are sold out in advance.
    • For adults: € 35
    • For children from 8 to 14 years of age: € 15
    • Children younger than 8 years go free

  • From which types of tickets can I choose?
    We offer the following tickets, check overview page (online soon)
    • General Admission ticket
      • for the Sunset Airshow on the Friday (presale or at the ticket booth)
      • for the air show on the Saturday OR Sunday (presale or at the ticket booth)
    • Combi ticket  for 2 or 3 days
    • VIP package (presale only)
    • Business package (presale only)
    • ‘Friends of Sanicole’ ticket  (presale only)
  • I do not have the possibility to purchase my ticket online or to pay by credit card. Is there any other way to buy tickets?
    Yes, all types of tickets are for sale at the clubhouse of our flying club (Kamperbaan 165, 3940 Hechtel-Eksel).
  • From what time is the showground accessible?
    On the Friday the showground opens at 5.00 PM (car parks open at 4.30 PM) and on the Saturday and Sunday at 10.00 AM (car parks open at 9.30 AM).
  • At what time do the air shows start?
    The Sunset Airshow on Friday 10 September starts at 6.00 PM.
    The Sanicole Airshow on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September starts at 11.00 AM.
  • Does the organization provide earplugs for children?
    Yes, Earplugs are provided for children by the organization
  • Does the organization make wristbands (on which parents can put their contact details) available for children
    Yes, The organization provides wristbands for children
  • Is there any air traffic during the weekend of the Sanicole Airshow?
    No, between 6 and 16 September, the airfield will be closed to air traffic.
  • Can I bring a backpack or bag to the showground?
    Yes, small backpacks or bags are allowed. However, as soon as you enter the showground, there is a mandatory safety check. You will be asked to open your backpack or bag.
  • Can I use my drone on the showground?
    No. Due to safety reasons drones are prohibited on the showground.

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