September 10,11,12 2021


In the 1920s, pilots travelled through the rural United States to show off daredevil stunts to a flabbergasted audience.

Photo by Paul Johnson (Flightline UK)

Often, the breathtaking stunts these ‘barnstormers’ performed involved someone clambering around the aircraft. It’s this era of aviation the Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers bring back to life using two vintage raspy, brightly-coloured Boeing Stearman biplanes. Standing on top or climbing to the front of the wing are two brave ladies who put on an elegant synchronized aerial dance, while the pilots perform heart-stopping crosses, loopings and rolls.

This nostalgic display is sure to make a lasting impression on the entire family!

The Aerosuperbatics team has displayed under many different guises over the years and we are thrilled to welcome them back after five years.