September 10 & 11 2022

Air Belgium

Air Belgium is a recent addition to the airline business but has made a name for itself with long-haul flights from both Brussels and Brussels South (Charleroi) Airport since June 2018. They operate both regular services, charter flights and cargo services. They fly to exotic destinations such as Mauritius, Guadeloupe, Curacao and Martinique using the enormous Airbus A340 airliner. Recently, an A340 of Air Belgium assisted the evacuation of refugees from Afghanistan.

This successful Airbus product has four powerful engines and a large cabin that features all modern comforts. Air Belgium offers Economy, Premium and Business classes on-board this giant of the sky that is over 60 meters long and can weigh up to 276 tons, so everyone can travel according to their wishes and budget. Air Belgium announced it will expand its fleet with later A340-900 variants. At the International Sanicole Airshow, this young ambitious airline will present its current A340-300.

Don’t miss the unique sight of this giant airliner passing by at the Sanicole airfield on Saturday 11 September and buy your tickets today.