September 9 & 11 2022

Airshow updates

With only a few days separating us from what promises to be a memorable 42nd International Sanicole Airshow, there are a few changes to the line-up for various reasons.

First of all, the Polish Flying Dragons will not be joining us for the Sunset Airshow. However, we look forward to welcoming the amazing sound and light spectacle of Jacob Hollander from Sweden to close the Sunset Airshow on Friday with his incredible laser and pyro act.

Jacob Hollander’s Catwalk routine which sees 2 ladies crawling around the Grumman Ag Cat biplane in a breathtaking show will also stand in for the Aerosuperbatic Wingwalkers who are sadly unable to attend the show this weekend.
The Swiss airforce has seen itself forced to withdraw the F-18 solo display for operational reasons, but the Patrouille suisse will still impress you with their precise and action-packed routine.

The Flying Bulls from Austria have informed us that their historic Bristol Sycamore has unfortunately developed a technical snag which will prevent it from flying and displaying in Belgium. However, they will instead blow you away with their stunning aerobatic Bo105 demonstration, defying gravity with incredible aerobatics you wouldn’t associate with helicopters.

Finally, the Dutch Hawker Hunter Foundation will present this legendary classic jet fighter at our show, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the type.

Don’t miss this incredible line-up, make sure to visit the International Sanicole Airshow on 10, 11 & 12 September. Tickets are still available at www.sanicole.com