September 10,11,12 2021

Allied warbirds dominate the Sanicole skies

Allied air power was key to achieving victory over the western front during World War II. This superiority grew throughout the years and Sanicole will highlight some key aircraft on 15 September.

Early on in the war, the Hurricane was the most successful fighter, particularly in the fight against German bombers. Though its role had mostly been played by the end of World War II, its significance will be celebrated at Sanicole. Serving with distinction throughout the war was the legendary Spitfire, two of which will also feature in the flying display, one from The Netherlands and one from Belgium, painted in the colours of 349 squadron, a Belgian squadron in the British Royal Air Force. From 1942, the Mustang became the most capable allied fighter so it is only fitting to mark its role at Sanicole. Facing this allied fighter force is a Messerschmitt Bf109 (Buchon) in our Sunday flying display.

Don’t miss this amazing warbird line-up on 15 September and honour the memories of those who fought to protect our freedom.