September 9 & 11 2022

Attractions on the ground


During the International Sanicole Airshow we do not only entertain you in the air, but also on the ground you will need all your senses!

Free attractions for all ages

For our smallest friends

  • an inflatable octopus with different play cushions

For the older children

  • a real trampoline-street
  • various bouncy castles
  • a challenging survival track

For the daredevils

  • 9 meter high spider climbing tower
  • a swing-jumper

For kids between 6 and 106

  • Pilot, author, storyteller Hans Nordsiek, known from the beautiful new children’s book “Pilot with five stripes”

For everyone (without fear of heights)

  • Skywatch, a mobile stage that rises 50m high into the air!