September 10 & 11 2022

Belgian helicopters

The Belgian air force has a proud tradition in helicopter operations, most famously for search & rescue operations. The first three search & rescue helicopters in the Belgian air force entered service in 1954 in Congo: the British-built Bristol Sycamore.

It is now an extremely rare vintage helicopter and we are very proud to present this little-known chapter of helicopter history thanks to the wonderful collection of the Austrian Flying Bulls, who will present the only flying example in the world. This will give you a rare opportunity to enjoy the splendid sight of this historic machine in combination with its surprising sound from its piston engine.

Coming up to the present day, the renowned Belgian Air Force A-109 display team will stun you with their brand new ‘razzle-blades’ display helicopter. The display by captains Jo Jacobs and Stijn Soenens shows the extraordinary manoeuvrability of the A109, a helicopter with a rich operational history since it entered service in 1992. Adding to the spectacle are the bright flares, intended as decoys for heatseeking missiles, but which provide exciting visual effects during an airshow, particularly during the sunset airshow on Friday evening.

Visit the International Sanicole Airshow and admire this helicopter history for yourself!

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