September 21 & 22 2024

Catering facilities Sanicole Airshow

In 2021 we had to organize our catering facilities in a completely different way because of COVID-19. As a direct consequence, the variety of food and the catering experience were not at the level we strive for when organizing our show and this was equally reflected in the satisfaction survey we received after the show.

Therefore we did our best to meet your expectations as much as possible and we want to keep you posted on how we will handle your catering this year.

First of all we will return to five major catering zones on the airfield with high variety and our large terraces. Not only do we want to serve you the wide range of food you are used to, but we will give you a cozy spot outside to enjoy your meal.

Secondly, we will get rid of the mandatory system of catering payment cards. There were several inconveniences as a result of this new system and therefore we will return to our traditional food & drink vouchers in 2022. These vouchers can be be purchased in advance together with your tickets. Not only do you purchase your vouchers at a lower price, you will also avoid the queues at the event. There is of course also the opportunity to buy them at the day of our event with cash or debit card.

And finally we do have something special for you! In addition to the five traditional catering zones, we will also operate a special Devil bar in remembrance of the former 23 Devil Squadron from Kleine-Brogel, which was disbanded exactly 20 years ago. More on this topic later, of course, but please keep in mind that you will be able to enjoy “Draught Duvel / Duvel van ’t vat” and many other Duvel varieties.