September 10,11,12 2021

CV-22B Osprey – USAF

The 7th Special Operations Squadron of the United States Air Force is based at RAF Mildenhall in the UK and they fly a revolutionary and unique aircraft: the CV-22B Osprey. It combines the take-off and landing characteristics of a helicopter with the speed of a conventional aircraft. It does this by tilting the massive rotors attached to its powerful engines and turning them into propellers.

Did you know the impressive prop-rotors measure 11 meters across, enabling the Osprey to reach speeds in excess of 500 kilometers per hour and carry 9 tons of cargo? This makes it ideal for Combat Search and Rescue or to support special forces operations where speed and versatility are of the absolute essence.

The remarkable CV-22 will debut in a flying display in Belgium on 15 September at Sanicole, so make sure you see this futuristic aircraft in action demonstrating its full capabilities!