September 9 & 11 2022

How to watch the Digital Sanicole Airshow?

After many long months of waiting, next week we are finally able to present our Digital Sanicole Airshow. It may not be the live version of our beloved event, but with this incredible digital version you do not need to miss the airshow ambassadors this year.

On Friday evening September 11th at 20h sharp, you will be able to watch our Digital Sanicole Airshow via our website www.sanicole.com.

This special show will be dedicated to all the health care providers who worked so hard during the past months to get us through COVID-19 and therefore we want to donate the entire revenue of this event to the Fire Stress Team Flanders, an organization that supports emergency –and health care providers and especially now since the resilience of this group of professionals is severely tested during the corona pandemic.   

But how will this be organized on the practical side? Well, Sanicole decided to broadcast its Digital Airshow free of charge and we offer everyone the opportunity to make a donation for this good cause without any obligation.  When you go to our website www.sanicole.com next Friday, you can choose whether you want to contribute to this fantastic project or not.

We hope you will enjoy the astonishing show our team prepared for you and of course that we can all together donate a nice sum to the FiST organization.