September 9 & 11 2022

Discover unique helicopters

Fans of helicopters will undoubtedly rejoice at the unique line-up of helicopter displays at Sanicole in 2019, several of which will appear for the first time!

The Belgian Air Force will show off the capabilities with the amazingly agile Agusta A109 popping luminous flares and with the state-of-the-art NH-90NFH that replaced the Seaking earlier this year.

There are also several outstanding foreign helicopter displays set to thrill you. The Swiss Air Force is making a return appearance with its impressive display of the massive Super Puma. The Royal Navy Black Cats are also returning to Sanicole, but they do so with their ultra-modern helicopter as a solo-performer, the Wildcat, a premiere in Belgium.

Another first-time appearance in Belgium comes from the German Army with its brand-new EC-135 solo display, which uses this outstanding helicopter for pilot training.

Rounding off the helicopter line-up is the French Army helicopter training academy with its attractive EC-120 solo display making a first-time appearance at Sanicole. Future Belgian Air Force helicopter pilots also receive their helicopter training with these excellent EC-120s.