September 9 & 11 2022

Equipe de Voltige

The French air force Equipe de Voltige is an extraordinary military unit. They fly the stunningly agile German-built Extra 330SC and its pilots are among the very best in the world of aerobatics. 

The unit, based at Salon-de-Provence in the south of France,  is an aerobatics laboratory continuously striving to pushing the limits of aerodynamics, and they also coach other French pilots who participate in aerobatics championships, both in France and internationally. Several world champions were part of the Equipe de Voltige and their demonstrations are both precisely flown and visually amazing, seemingly defying the laws of physics with their innovative manoeuvers with what is perhaps the best aerobatics aircraft ever built. Their participation fits in well with the breathtaking aerobatics displays Sanicole has presented over the years. And the best part is, with captains Victor Lalloue and Geoffrey Denis, two pilots from this unique unit will perform their exceptional stunts!

Come admire these special ambassadors of the French air force at the 42nd International Sanicole Airshow.