September 10,11,12 2021

Lasers set to stun

Innovation is always at the forefront of the International Sanicole Airshow. Ten years ago, we introduced this part of Europe to the concept of Sunset airshows, with colourful pyrotechnics providing a spectacular addition to the magic of flight at dusk, with the moon as backdrop.

This year, the audience will see the next level of sound and light entertainment in the nightsky thanks to the masterful display of Jacob Hollander from Sweden. He has equipped his Grumman Ag-Cat biplane with a stunning lasersystem in addition to sparkling pyrotechnics and powerful LED-lights, for an exclusive LED-Laser-Pyro show set to music.

This display has been praised extensively all around the world, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to admire it in the nightsky over Sanicole on Friday September 11th 2020.

On Sunday September 13th, Jacob will grace the airspace of Sanicole again, but this time to perform the immensely popular ‘Catwalk’ display with two women of the Scandanivian Airshows team, dressed up in colourful catsuits, crawling all over the Ag-Cat during a spectacular aerobatic routine.