September 9 & 11 2022

Otto the Helicopter

A double bill of airshow legends will mark the finale of the 2019 Sanicole Sunset Airshow.

For years, the diminutive Schweizer 300 “Otto the Helicopter” was one of the most popular acts at the North American airshows with a crazy circus act made possible thanks to the tiny Schweizer’s amazing agility, which stems from its fully articulated three-bladed rotor system.

Combine that with the showmanship of one of the UK’s most famous airshow pilots, Brendan O’Brien, and fireworks are guaranteed. In this case, you can take ‘fireworks’ literally, as no other aircraft in the world carries so many pyrotechnics at airshows.

Brendan will fill the skies with an incredible number of pyrotechnic shots, which combined with a powerful smoke system and colourful lighting on the helicopter will make for a memorable sight to conclude the Sunset Airshow.