September 21 & 22 2024

Photo Credits

The International Sanicole Airhsow team would like to thank the following persons for putting their photos and videos at our disposal:

Chris Janssens www.wheels-up.be 
Martin Gillet – https://twitter.com/mgillet
Martin Gillet https://www.flickr.com/photos/mgillet/collections
Gert Trachez www.facebook.com/gspot.aviationphotos 
Aviation Photo Crew www.aviation-photocrew.com https://gspotaviationphotos.smugsmug.com
Bart Tilmans – City Peer

Bert Berger www.mediatoday.be
Henk Tito www.protito.com 
Peter Steehouwer www.steehouwer.com
Geert Van de Put
Comopsair IPR (Philippe Van Huyck, Bart Rosselle, Jos Schoofs, Katsuhiko Tokunaga, Patja Stams, Michael Moors …)
VADOR (F-16 demo BAF):  https://www.f16darkfalcon.com/