September 10-12 2021

Practical info


The purchase of tickets will preferably be organized online through our website in advance. In this way you are not only able to purchase your tickets with a strong price reduction, but you also ensure a smooth access at the gate. Children between the age of 8 and 14 can purchase tickets at a special rate and our aviation friends younger than 8 years old can visit our airshow in general admission for free.

You purchase your tickets at a more reduced price when you are registered as a Sanicole Airshow Insider. Ticket prices rise every month, so do not wait to purchase your tickets!

Entering the airfield is possible:

  • Friday September 13th as from 04.00 PM till 09.00 PM
  • Sunday September 15th as from 08.00 AM (VIP 09.00 AM) till 06.30 PM

The flight displays start:

  • Friday September 13th as from 06.00 PM
  • Sunday September 15th as from 10.00 AM


The parkings will be decentralized in 2019 on four different locations. Parking vouchers need to be purchased together with your tickets online through our website. You will be automatically assigned to the parking located the most easily accessible for you according to the entered address. 

Please note: If you do not leave to the airshow from your home address, please register your ticket purchase from the address you do leave from at the day of our event.

From external parking locations our airshow will organize a free shuttle service straight to the airfield’s entrance to make your journey as smooth as possible.

We have special parking areas reserved for disabled visitors or visitors who require wheelchair transport. Please indicate carefully during the parking voucher purchase process if you require a special parking or transport.


Use the address of your assigned parking to enter in your GPS to visit our event. Do not enter the address of the airfield!

Public Transport

Coming by train, please choose the station Leopoldsburg as a final destination.  Our airshow’s transport team organizes a free shuttle service between the train station of Leopoldsburg and the airfield. Shuttle service is available on both airshow days and will only take a 10 minutes drive to arrive at the entrance.

Food & Beverages

The Sanicole Airshow has made a major investment in catering facilities for our 2019 event to offer our visitors a great and wide range of different food and beverages.

At every food & beverage selling point we will organize a large terrace where you can quietly sit down and enjoy your meal.

Do you like cocktails? Discover our new cocktail bar with terrace in the center of our showground where you can enjoy a tasteful gin-tonic or one of our other airshow combinations.

Buy your food & beverage vouchers in advance online through our website to avoid queues at the event and to save on the price! Similar to our tickets, the prices of food and beverage vouchers will increase on a monthly basis, so do not wait to purchase them! (€ 2,50 per voucher at the ticket launch to € 3,00 per voucher at the event) 

Program book

Traditionally the Sanicole Airshow sells a program book about the airshow, which will be sold at the two public entrances of our event at a cost of € 5,00. In this program you will find a participants list with the timing of our flying display.

Program books can be purchased online in advance through our website at a cost of € 4,00 and can be collected at the showground passed the entrance at the day of our event.


Dogs and pets are prohibited at our airshow. We all love animals and therefore we are convinced it is better to leave our animal friends at home. We cannot protect the ears of our pets as we can protect ours and it is unpredictable how they will react to the noise of airplanes.

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