September 10 & 11 2022

Rare Iraqi Fury ISS

During the Second World War, fighters and strike aircraft grew ever larger and more powerful. Great-Britain built what many considered was the ultimate propeller fighter and fighter-bomber, the Sea Fury for use with the navy and the Fury for use from landbases.

© Photo by Xavier Méal

This advanced aircraft came too late to serve during the Second World War but went on to fly with several airforces during the Korean war and famously won a dogfight with an enemy Mig-15 jet. In Belgium, Kris Van Den Bergh flies a rare Fury ISS, which differs from the more famous Sea Fury because it cannot fold its giant wings. This plane is painted in Iraqi colours and was known there as the Iraqi Single Seater. The aircraft has remarkable performance thanks to its powerful engine.

Marvel at this historic piece of engineering during the International Sanicole Airshow in September.

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