September 9 & 11 2022

Strong downwash at Sanicole

Helicopters are always special and exciting at Sanicole and in 2020, a unique and amazing selection will perform at our show to demonstrate their wide variety of operational tasks and exceptional flexibility.

The Hungarian air force will make a rare appearance of two modernized Hungarian Mi-24, one in a display showcasing the unrivalled presence of this battlefield helicopter and another in the static park.

Coming from the UK, the Royal Navy will show off an ultra-modern anti-submarine helicopter in an amazing display of manoeuvrability, the Wildcat of the Black Cats.

As a special treat, the Czech air force will perform a simulated Combat Search & Rescue mission with two icons from the Cold War, the Mi-17 transport helicopter and the Mi-24.

Completing the Czech line-up is a very rare display outside its border of a little-known helicopter, the Polish-built W-3 Sokol which will surprise you with its agility and capabilities in a search & rescue demonstration.

Playing a home game is the Belgian air force, presenting its A109 solo display in a display of extraordinary agility, with plenty of infra-red decoy flares for extra excitement.

In the static park, you will be able to discover a Belgian NH-90 Tactical Transport Helicopter (TTH) upclose, and thanks to the French Army, you’ll be able to see another heavy NH-90 TTH in action in the air for a rare solo performance!

To complete the helicopter line-up, the German air force will present its multirole EC-135 helicopter in an elegant routine, while the French Army will perform with its nimble EC-120 solo display team (équipe de presentation hélicoptère terre) which is used to train all Belgian and French military helicopter pilots, will also show off its remarkable handling.

Don’t miss this unmatched line-up of helicopters and make sure you visit the International Sanicole Airshow 2020 on 13 September!