September 10,11,12 2021

Sukhoi 27 Flanker

We are enormously proud to announce the pride of the Ukrainian air force: the Sukhoi 27 Flanker.

This twin-engine fighter aircraft has its origin in the 1980s and was intended as Russia’s aircraft manufacturer’s answer to the western F-15 and F-16 combat aircraft. Despite its imposing size, the aircraft is amazingly agile and it can fly up to twice the speed of sound.

The Ukrainian air force will undoubtedly stun you with this legendary fighter.

Did you know that:

  • An SU-27 is almost 7 meters longer than an F-16.
  • It is almost 14.7 meter wider than an F-16
  • It has an empty weight of 16.3 tons, more than the max weight of an F-16
  • More than 700 SU-27s were built
  • The SU-27 operates in 13 countries
  • The SU-27 has a max speed of Mach 2.35.