September 9 & 11 2022

Symphony of sound and light

A graceful symphony of sound and light, that’s what will close our 2021 Sunset Airshow.  
The first act will be the British Airborne Pyrotechnics display team. They fly 2 advanced Grob 109 motorgliders. Colourful LED-lighting decorates the sleek fuselages, drawing gorgeous patterns during the display. Mounted along the giant wings of both aircraft are a variety of fireworks that fire synchronously during their formation and solo aerobatic routines, accentuating the manoeuvres and lighting up the evening sky and exciting the mesmerized audience on the ground. And thanks to their surprisingly silent engines, this creative team brings the magic of flight to life for everyone.   

Don’t miss this outstanding aerial spectacle during the Sunset Airshow on Friday 10 September.