September 9 & 11 2022

Tested by and approved for kids

The various flying demos will undoubtedly WOW our junior spectators. But the Sanicole Airshow is also an enjoyable event to visit with friends or family. A day to entertain the kids until they run out of energy.

This year in particular, future pilots will occupy the front row while the various crews prepare for their helicopter display for which they will take off and land from the Sanicole runway. The showground also covers trade stands where you can buy nice memorabilia and an interesting static display with numerous planes and helicopters that can be viewed on the ground.

Those who want to let off steam will enjoy the action zone. We have opted for a blend of attractions that you can experience in a corona safe way. Our youngest visitors, will appreciate the bouncy castles. For tough boys and girls who are not afraid of heights, there is the sky-watch that takes them up to 50m above the Sanicole showground.

To assure that your little ones will enjoy themselves optimally, we sent our panel out to test different facets of the Sanicole Airshow. Find out here how the Sanicole panel examined the F-16s of the 31st Tiger Squadron at Kleine-Brogel Air Force Base.

These F-16’s passed the demanding test. We hope that your youngster will approve the Sanicole Airshow.