September 10 & 11 2022

The 2021 SANICOLE Airshow!

In recent weeks we have received countless questions whether the Sanicole Airshow will be able to go ahead in 2021. With the proposed vaccination strategy combined with the way we want to organize our event this year, we are convinced that after two years of silence, we will be able to put on a fantastic airshow again in September. At the beginning of this week, the government also offered an outlook that more will be possible during the course of the summer, but we are still cautious and will continue to stick to the structure that we have worked out in recent months.

As previously announced, our organization has been working since September last year and in consultation with the authorities to work out a safe set-up to make our airshow possible in 2021 and yes, it will look slightly different than you are used to. But the show will never have to compromise on safety, quality or entertainment. The maximum number of spectators per event day is limited to 7,500. That is why we plan an extra event day on Saturday 11 September, so that 22,500 visitors can enjoy our flying spectacle this year. Our loyal Sanicole insiders will of course have priority to purchase these tickets.

Three event days means the well-known sunset airshow on Friday evening and two traditional show days on Saturday and Sunday. The programme on Saturday and Sunday will be mostly identical, but The evening show will of course provide the necessary special effects and will be opened by none other than the legendary Royal Air Force Red Arrows.

At this point, we also assume that our show will be fully seated this year. Visitors will no longer be able to freely choose a spot on our grassy meadow, but will be assigned a permanent seat in one of our visitor sections. All catering and sanitary facilities will also be present within this section, to facilitate your visit as much as possible. Of course, a fixed seat does not mean that we chain you to a chair the entire day. It goes without saying that you will have the freedom to view our static, visit the many sales stands with aviation attributes or let your kids have fun on the various attractions of our kids zone, but it will all be done safely with attention and respect for social distancing and of course for each other.

Ticket sales for our 42nd International Sanicole Airshow will kick off mid-June. We will inform you in the following newsletters about the different types of tickets available and the applicable procedures.

We look forward to welcoming you again in September!

With best regards,

Geoffrey Buekenberghs
Airshow Director
International Sanicole Airshow