September 10 & 11 2022

The hills are alive with the sound of jetnoise

The 42nd International Airshow is working with 31 squadron at Kleine-Brogel this year, which is holding the Ext-ROAR-dinary NATO Tigermeet in September. The Swiss air force will take part at our airshow with two displays that fit in well with this theme.

First of all, the Swiss air force F-18 solo display team of the 11 Tiger squadron at the airbase Meiringen will show once again why their motto is ‘No angle of attack limits’ in a stunning display of extraordinary agility of their powerful frontline fighter. This display with non-stop action will show you why the F-18 is still the tip of the spear with so many airforces thanks to numerous upgrades that keep it at the cutting edge of jet performance.

The most famous Swiss air force display team Patrouille Suisse is not a member of the NATO Tiger Association but they do fly brightly-coloured 6 F-5 Tiger IIs, nimble aircraft that are also still in use to provide air defence in the Alps. The team, adorned with a gorgeous red and white paintscheme, will stun you once again with its unbelievable precision and loud jet engine noise throughout elegant formations and breath-taking synchronized manoeuvres.