September 9 & 11 2022

Two powerful Rafales

The French air force are masters at showing their capabilities through evocative and tight pair’s displays. This year, we will welcome one of these for the first time, with the latest omnirole fighter in the French inventory: two powerful Rafales will thunder through the Sanicole sky as team “Vautour Bravo” (Vulture Bravo).

These twin-engine high-performance jetfighters hail from squadron EC2/30 “Normandie-Niemen”, a unit whose legendary exploits during the Second World War fighting alongside the Soviet air force against Nazi forces live on to this day, and EC3/30 who flew with the Royal Air Force in the Second World War as 342 squadron. With the Rafale, they certainly have an aircraft able to rival any threat in the air or on the ground and their tight action-packed routine will show off their tactics and high standards to great effect.

Join us for the unforgettable Belgian debut of this new role demonstration in September.