September 9 & 11 2022

Viper meet at Sanicole

The F-16 is one of the most successful fighter aircraft in the world and has been under continuous development since it entered service; Belgium operates modernized F-16A MLU-aircraft, but in Europe, two countries have the advanced F-16C block52+ in service, a heavier but also far more powerful version of this legendary fighter, filled with highly advanced avionics.

The Polish air force Tiger demo team comes from the base at Poznan where it flies with 6ELT, proud member of the NATO Tiger Association as is often reflected by the special creative demo schemes on their aircraft.

The Hellenic air force’s F-16 demoteam is called Zeus, a callback to the famous supreme god  in ancient Greek mythology and an apt reference for the sharp end of Greek airpower.

Apart from the far more powerful engine compared to the A-models offering exceptional acceleration to the compact F-16, the most striking visual difference are the conformal fuel tanks on top of the fuselage and wings giving the aircraft a superior maximum range and better operational capabilities.

Come see these two prime examples of modern airpower in action at Sanicole in September!