September 10-12 2021

Digital Sanicole Airshow

At the beginning of the lock-down we already announced to cancel this year’s edition of the International Sanicole Airshow as a result of COVID-19. We really regret that you will have to miss our aviation spectacle this year and therefore we have a surprise. Sanicole will organize on Friday evening September 11th, the original date of our 2020 sunset airshow, the Digital Sanicole Airshow.

In cooperation with the best pilots and teams from around the world, Sanicole will broadcast an airshow over the internet. We will take you along behind the scenes of the airshow world and the Sanicole Airshow with recordings of the most spectacular air demonstrations, unique on-board footage, interviews with the pilots and some images from the Sanicole archives. The typical airshow images will be combined with some great base visit reports of both modern and historic airplanes. This way, we will be able to bring the airshow pilots to you after all, and this time straight into your living room.

But this is not just an ordinary airshow. Sanicole is a family organization, by and for families. Safety on the ground and in the air has always been our absolute top priority. Our pioneering role as an event in emergency planning and medical care means that for many years we have been able to count on a very large group of top medical professionals who, besides their job, are selflessly committed to supporting our event. As a consequence of COVID-19, this medical branch of our Sanicole family is currently under severe pressure in the various hospitals in our region where they work.

Therefore this Digital Sanicole Airshow will be dedicated to these healthcare providers and the revenues of this project will be donated to various organizations who provide post-traumatic stress treatment to medical professionals.

In the coming weeks we will announce the participants for our Digital Sanicole Airshow and we will let you know how you can support the charity in support of which this event is being organised.