Golden Knights Parachute team

The Golden Knights are the parachute display team of the United States Army. Members of this team are drawn from all US Army branches, when they show extraordinary parachuting skills in their units. The Golden Knights consist of two complete teams (Gold and Black), totalling 24 members.

This means a display has 12 parachutists. During the descent, the members perform solo and tandem manoeuvres. The team also has a breath-taking sunset programme, so you can also admire their skills during the Sanicole Sunset airshow.

Parachute display team
Country: United States

Tags: golden knights

F-16 (display demo) Fighter   BAF   F  
Czech Republic              
Mi-35 Hind Helicopter   CZAF    F  
JM D’Hulst Starduster Aerobatic   Trescal   F  
Vol avec les oies Ultralight   Christian Moullec   F  
Frecce Tricolori Team   IAF   F  
Blériot  Historic   Mikael Carlson   F  
United Kingdom            
Twister Aerobatics Aerobatic   Civil   F  
Eurofighter Typhoon Fighter   RAF   F  
Glider Fx Aerobatic   Civil   F  
Red Arrows Team   RAF   F  
The Blades Team   Civil   F  
United States            
Golden Knights Parachute   US Army   F