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Rafale is the frontline fighter of the French air force and Navy. In the 1980s, France was part of a consortium of 5 countries to develop a next-generation fighter, but it withdrew to develop the Rafale on its own, which has the ability to operate from aircraft carriers. The remaining four countries later built the Eurofighter Typhoon together.

The Rafale has extraordinary manoeuvrability and the characteristic Dassault-delta wing, though with the Rafale, it is combined with a canard wing at the front which helps to give the Rafale its exceptional agility. The Rafale has already proven its capability in combat operations, where it can integrate seamlessly in the integrated electronic battlefield thanks to its advanced avionics, like other aircraft of its generation. The Rafale is also a candidate to replace the Belgian F-16s.
The display pilot of the Rafale is captain Martinez from the airforce base at Saint-Dizier in northern France. Don’t miss this action-packed French display during the 40th International Sanicole Airshow, which includes manoeuvers up to 10 times the force of gravity!

Manufacturer: Dassault
Country: France
Flying (Sunday)


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