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After a few years of absence, the International Sanicole Airshow will once again welcome the Turkish air force with its impressive F-16 solo demonstration, better known as Solo Türk.

Solo Türk uses a modern F-16C Block 40 variant and is based at Konya. This version is the main combat aircraft of the Turkish air force. Solo Türk’s F-16 is beautifully painted with a stylized moon on the wings as it appears on the Turkish flag, and an eagle on the tail, symbol of the Turkish nation and air force.
The F-16C is powered by a General Electric engine and not by the Pratt & Whitney engine used in the Belgian F-16s. The most visible difference lies in the different colour of the afterburner plume. This engine is more powerful, quite useful as the F-16C is also 5 tons heavier than the F-16A. Solo Türk was founded in 2011 at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of military aviation in Turkey, and has managed to build a solid reputation in Europe. Apart from an impressive demonstration showcasing the agility and power of the F-16C, Solo Türk also attracts attention with breathtaking flare salvoes, the gorgeous colour scheme and an enthusiastic commentator.

F-16C Fighting Falcon
Manufacturer: Lockheed-Martin
Country: Turkey 

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