The International Sanicole Airshow (ISA) is the only civil airshow in Belgium which is organized annually. It all started with a very small "festival of stuntmen" in the mid-70s. Back then several thousand spectators enjoyed the show. During the 80s the show grew into a true international airshow with participants from the Netherlands, England, France, America, Jordan ... and the ISA was one of the many annual air festivals in our country.

Also in the 90s, the airshow continued to grow and the ISA acquired fame abroad. Due to the higher demands posed upon the organisation of an airshow, the ISA remained the sole annual airshow in Belgium by the end of the 90s.

When it comes to airshows, the ISA is considered the benchmark for innovation, safety and quality in Belgium and abroad. The ISA offers a spectacle for the entire family, covering all aspects of aviation: colorful teams, fast jets, old-timers, breathtaking aerobatics, helicopters, gliders, parachute demos, ...

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