Mi-24 Hind

In the 1960s, the Soviet Union and the United States both developed the first combat helicopters that could also take out enemy tanks and armed infantry vehicles. Both made very different design choices though. The United States opted, for a slender machine with only two crew onboard, resulting in the AH-1 Cobra, which was first used in Vietnam.

The Soviet Union decided to design a large helicopter that could also transport armed combat troops and this became the Mi-24, NATO codename Hind.
The helicopter became the main threat to mujahidin in Afghanistan after the Soviet invasion there, but it was used throughout the Warsaw Pact. It is a fast helicopter despite its size, with a maximum speed of 335 kilometers per hour. The wings are not only used to store weapons, they also provide extra lift at high speed.
Like some other former Warsaw Pact countries, the Czech Republic still uses the Mi-24W, or Mi-35, the modernized export version of the Mi-24D. These helicopters are part of 221 squadron based at Namest, a member of the NATO Tiger Association.
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Manufacturer: Mil
Country: Czech Republic




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Program - Friday 8 Sep 2017

F-16 (display demo) Fighter   BAF   F  
Czech Republic              
Mi-35 Hind Helicopter   CZAF    F  
JM D’Hulst Starduster Aerobatic   Trescal   F  
Vol avec les oies Ultralight   Christian Moullec   F  
Frecce Tricolori Team   IAF   F  
Blériot  Historic   Mikael Carlson   F  
United Kingdom            
Twister Aerobatics Aerobatic   Civil   F  
Eurofighter Typhoon Fighter   RAF   F  
Glider Fx Aerobatic   Civil   F  
Red Arrows Team   RAF   F  
The Blades Team   Civil   F  
United States            
Golden Knights Parachute   US Army   F