The Red Arrows

Nine fiery red Hawks represent the British Royal Air Force all over the world. They are known as the Red Arrows and their basic formation, the Diamond Nine, is known worldwide as the peak of precision flying in formation. The team is based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire. Actually, the Red Arrows consist of ten aircraft and pilots.

You can listen to Red 10 with his expert commentary during the demonstration. He also flies the spare aircraft to the show.
The Hawk is a jet trainer for advanced pilot training, comparable to the Belgian air force Alpha Jet. It serves with several airforces. With the Royal Air Force, most training duties were taken over by the more modern Hawk T2, but the T1 remains the reliable mount for the Red Arrows.
Apart from the Diamond Nine, the audience always looks forward to the performance of the syncro pair during the second half of the display, gasping for breath with each spectcular crossing. In the setting sun, their performance will be a gem.

The Red Arrows (Sunset Airshow only)

Hawk T1
Manufacturer: BAE Systems
Country: United Kingdom 


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Program - Friday 8 Sep 2017

F-16 (display demo) Fighter   BAF   F  
Czech Republic              
Mi-35 Hind Helicopter   CZAF    F  
JM D’Hulst Starduster Aerobatic   Trescal   F  
Vol avec les oies Ultralight   Christian Moullec   F  
Frecce Tricolori Team   IAF   F  
Blériot  Historic   Mikael Carlson   F  
United Kingdom            
Twister Aerobatics Aerobatic   Civil   F  
Eurofighter Typhoon Fighter   RAF   F  
Glider Fx Aerobatic   Civil   F  
Red Arrows Team   RAF   F  
The Blades Team   Civil   F  
United States            
Golden Knights Parachute   US Army   F