Christian Moullec

The French Auvergne is the home turf of Christian Moullec, who is passionate about nature preservation and bird protection. Since 1995, he has been training wild migrating birds to follow safer routes during their journeys south and the return home in spring.

He does this by having the birds follow his ultralight. It may seem incredible but during the show, you will notice that wild geese do willingly follow his aircraft as leader and mimic every move carefully stay together. Whoever is interested can also fly along in this ultralight or in a hot air balloon together with wild birds in France. No doubt, Christian and his wild geese will conquer many hearts during the International Sanicole Airshow.

Country: France 

Program - Friday 8 Sep 2017

F-16 (display demo) Fighter   BAF   F  
Czech Republic              
Mi-35 Hind Helicopter   CZAF    F  
JM D’Hulst Starduster Aerobatic   Trescal   F  
Vol avec les oies Ultralight   Christian Moullec   F  
Frecce Tricolori Team   IAF   F  
Blériot  Historic   Mikael Carlson   F  
United Kingdom            
Twister Aerobatics Aerobatic   Civil   F  
Eurofighter Typhoon Fighter   RAF   F  
Glider Fx Aerobatic   Civil   F  
Red Arrows Team   RAF   F  
The Blades Team   Civil   F  
United States            
Golden Knights Parachute   US Army   F