Rich Goodwin (Pitts S-2)

The Pitts S2S is an advanced variant of the Pitts Special family of aerobatic aircraft dating back to the 1940s. This aircraft was designed in the 1960s for competition and airshow aerobatics. The aircraft presented during the 40th International Sanicole Airshow is a further development of the S2S. Modifications include a new engine cowling, titanium landing gear and a new fuel injection system.

It also has newly designed wings which gave the aircraft a better roll rate.
The pilot flying the Pitss S2S will be Richard Goodwin. He used to fly the Tornado Gr1 fighter-bomber with the Royal Air Force. After his military career, he commenced an airline career, which is ongoing to this day. He is a member of the British Aerobatic Association and is among the most popular aerobatic acts at UK airshows.
With his Muscle Pitts, Rich will be a great addition to the long and proud line-up of outstanding aerobatic pilots, with Pitts Special or other aerobatic aircraft, to perform at Sanicole over the years.

Pitts S-2S
Manufacturer: Curtiss Pitts
Country: United Kingdom
Aerobatic aircraft


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Program - Sunday 10 Sep 2017

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