September 21 & 22 2024

Turkish Stars

The most famous ambassadors of the Turkish air force will show a perfect harmony of skill, speed and discipline in the sky over Sanicole this year, in keeping with their motto, the Turkish Stars / Türk Yildizlari.  

The team is world-famus for its energetic display with seven NF-5 Freedom fighters. Unlike most European teams, they fly fighters instead of trainers, making them perhaps the fastest and noisiest airforce display team in Europe.  Their gorgeous wite, red and silver paintscheme makes them stand out even more, and their enthusiastic narrator will certainly also win your heart during their breathtaking show. 

The team were established in 1992 and have a rich history and strong reputation in Europe and Asia. The team members are all experienced frontline pilots who are now based at Konya in southern Turkey. They combine tight formations with exciting solos and spectacular crosses.  

It’s been over 10 years since the team visited Belgium so don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the Turkish Stars in action again. Mark 10 & 11 September 2022 in your calendar and cheer them on at the International Sanicole Airshow!